Together, we can end the workforce crisis.


of Pittsburgh hospital workers say they don't have the staff for the workload.

Like much of the country, Pittsburgh is facing a healthcare workforce crisis of catastrophic proportions. After three years of working under battlefield-like conditions workers are leaving their jobs at unprecedented rates because of chronic short staffing and increased stress. 90% of Pittsburgh hospital workers say they don’t have enough staff for the workload.

Our entire region is driven by the Eds and Meds economy centered here in the city. The healthcare workforce crisis affects workers, their families, and their patients, but it also affects public health, our economy, and the social fabric of our community. We must unite as a region and address this crisis head-on with mutual responsibility and bold action.

Help Solve the Hospital Workforce Crisis:

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Hospital workers and other leaders have proposed many ways to address the crisis. As a city, we need solutions to the workforce crisis, but we know there’s no way forward without nurses themselves leading the way.

If you’re a hospital worker, we’re asking you to comment here on which solutions YOU believe are the most important for us to focus on:

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We’ve proposed a set of first steps to address the workforce crisis, but we need your help. Let our elected officials know you support their efforts to rein in monopoly healthcare and improve staffing in our hospitals.